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Japan Petio Grain Free Vegetable Biscuits Dog and Hamster Treat Snack 120g

Japanese Petio Snacks Grain-Free Vegetable Biscuits 120g


  • Sweet potato
  • Pumpkin
  • Carrot
The raw materials are made of potato starch, sweet potato flour, tapioca starch, vegetable oil, sugar, pumpkin (carrot), maltose and eggs.


  • Crude protein: 0.

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Freezer Dried Flavour Yogurt Cube for Dog & Cat Treat

Product description:

Heijiaoli yogurt freeze-dried is good-looking,delicious and nutritious.There are various kinds of mixed yogurt in a bottle. There is/yellow peach/beetroot/egg yolk/cheese/blueberry

  • A variety of flavors and nutrients.

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DentDoc Pet Meat Puree Seafood Cat Meat Puree Snacks/Cat Snack 100G

5 Flavors and Functions available:

  1. Tuna & Beef (Kitten) - For Growth & help strengthen bones
  2. Tuna - help improve gastrointestinal system & reduce feces smell
  3. Cod - anti-hairball & enhance immune system
  4. Bonito - Hypoallergic ingredient & for healthy gut 
  5. Salmon - support urinary system health

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TAFU (Blueberry-Powder, Raspberry-Powder, Cranberry-Powder, Three Type Mix-Powder)

Tafu Benefit :

  • Three plum fruit powder-comprehensive effect
  • Cranberry fruit powder-urinary care
  • Red Raspberry fruit powder-increase physical strength
  • Blueberry fruit powder-eye

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7 Dental Effects Knot Bone and Stick 160G Gum Dental Chew

Vegebrand Milk Dental Gum with the conception of Vegetable and 7 Dental EFFECTS by fighting both plaque and tatar buildup, freshening breath and maintaining healthier teeth and gums, also reduce intestinal blockage.

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