Pet Freeze Dried

Tafu Fruits Vegetables Freeze-Dried Pet Food/Dog snacks

It is TAFU pet fruits and vegetables freeze-dried

I recommend a super nutritious and delicious food to all moms! It’s this Tafu freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, which are quickly chilled at minus 35 degrees.

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Freeze Dried Chicken Cube/Multiple Choice 10g/50g/100g

The benefit of freeze dried treats:

  • * Increase appetite
  • * Extra nutritional boost
  • * Support muscle growth
  • * Regulate digestive system
  • * Made of 100% real fresh meat
  • * No preservative,colourings and chemical flavourings
  • * 1 treats with 3 ways of servings best for picky eating babies
  • *

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RM3.90 - RM24.90
Freeze Dried Chicken Cube/Multiple Choice 500g

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