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100% ORI NOURSE Dogs & Cats Nutrition Cream 120g

NOURSE Dogs & Cats Nutrition Cream (100% ORI !! Can be verified by yourself)

  • This product provides calcium for the growth of bones and teeth for cats and dogs and helps maintain the normal physiological functions of dogs. It is used for calcium supplementation during rapid growth period, aging period, pregnancy period, lactation period, and rehabilitation period.<

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Pet Cheese Lollipop & Fruit Flavour Dog Snack/Dog Treats - 6 Stick/Pkt

Suitable for:

  • Dog
Dog Life Stage:
  • Puppy, Adult, All Ages


  • Molar & Clean Teeth
  • Clean The Mouth
  • Training Reward 


  • Kiwi Cheese 
  • Blueberry Cheese
  • Strawberry Cheese
  • Apple

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Pet Bamboo Charcoal Hygienic Absorbent Thickening Deodorant Urine Pad/Wee Pad (S/M/L/XL)


  • 5 layers of quality integrated structure
  • Super absorbent and leak-free 
  • Eliminate and neutralize odors fast
  • Waterproof PE bottom film - strong and durable 
  • Can be used for all kinds of pets (dog, cat, rabbit and small animals) 
  • Cheap and economic - Four different sizes to suit your needs -

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RM32.00 - RM35.00
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Pochi Pets Fish Oil Cats & Dogs Supplement 227ml


  • Contribute to eye and brain health
  • Helps healthy hair
  • Improve skin health
  • Strictly selected deep-sea ocean, low-temperature quenching high-purity fish oil


  • Puppies below 5kg = 2ml
  • Small dog 5kg-10kg = 4ml
  • Medium and large dogs =

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Japanese Meat Sausage 8 Sticks x 25g

Product description:

  • Complete ytf pet sausages are made of natural ingredients with no additives,low salt and low fat.Make food better and safer and healthier,aseptically produced, finely processed,and exported to Japan.This product has 4 flavors.<

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KOJIMA Pet Foot Cleaning Foam for Dogs and Cats (150 ml)


  • Easy to use
  • Foam combined with collagen
  • Moisturizing


  • Shake gently before use
  • Push the top of the bubble
  • Brush with built-in paintbrush
  • Use a dry cloth or paper towel after cleaning
(Grain Free) Alfie & Buddy iCan Complete Wet Food/Can Food For Cat Food 170g

(Grain Free) Alfie & Buddy iCan Complete Wet Food/Can Food For Cat Food 170g


  • Weight (g): 170g
  • Suitable: For cats over 4 months old
  • Origin: China

  1. Chicken recipe 170g
  2. Salmon recipe 170g
  3. Duck recipe 170g
  4. Beef recipe 170g


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RM9.50 - RM11.50
Matchwell Steamed Pumpkin & Chicken Breast 55g (Dogs & Cats)

【Brand】: MATCHWELL/Yihe

【Taste】: Chicken Pumpkin Flavor

【Specifications】: 55g/bag

【Raw material】: Fresh Skinless Chicken Breast & Fresh Skinless Pumpkin

【Preservation method】: Store in a cool and dark place, and

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100% ORIGINAL Nourse Dog Supplement & Nutrition Multi-Vitamin 400pcs

ORI Nourse Dog Supplement & Nutrition Multi-Vitamin 400pcs

Verifiable! ! ! Verifiable!!!

Calcium Tablets 01:

  • Functional advantages:
    • This product provides calcium for the growth of bones and teeth for dogs, helps maintain the normal physiological

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Kojima Lactobacillus Toothpaste Toothbrush 360 Dental Set For Dog & Cat

Benefits :

  • - Remove food remaining at teeth
  • - Reduce bad breath
  • - Reduce bacteria in the mouth
  • - Improve oral health
  • - Reduce build-up of tartar
Method of use:
  1. Apply the toothpaste on teeth surface and massage gently, let the Lactobacillus adjust the oral environment

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RM14.90 - RM26.90
Docile Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Egg Yolk Chicken & Duck Puppies Dog Food 1.5KG


  • Contains chicory powder which promotes the growth of probiotics, especially deep-sea fish oil.
  • Developed by American A&M pet vnutrition laboratory.<

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