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KOJIMA Essential Oil Cotton Bud Pet Ear Clean For Cat & Dog (40pcs)

Features:  - Natural plant/fruit based ingredients 
- Ear cleaner to prevent ear mites and irritation in the ears 
- Suitable for both dogs and cats
- made from medical degreasing cotton, no fluorescent agent
- Individual packaging design for hygienic storage for long-term 
  Made from:    *Tea tree essential oil (balanci

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Kojima Lactobacillus Toothpaste Toothbrush 360 Dental Set For Dog & Cat

Benefits :

  • - Remove food remaining at teeth
  • - Reduce bad breath
  • - Reduce bacteria in the mouth
  • - Improve oral health
  • - Reduce build-up of tartar
Method of use:
  1. Apply the toothpaste on teeth surface and massage gently, let the Lactobacillus adjust the oral environment

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RM14.90 - RM26.90